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Broaching Tools

Open keyway, square, hexagon and spline with Gisstec Broaching/Slotting Tools. Top Performance with long insert life and high surface quality.

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Open a Keyway in 10 Seconds

With Gisstec Live Broaching Heads make a keyway in 10 seconds on your CNC Lathe. Open Square, Hex, Spline, Gear profiles without unclamping your workpiece.Β 

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Angle Heads

Lightweight Angle Heads for your Machining Centre. High Torque and a Wide Range of Standard Selection with Right Angle Heads and Tilting Heads.

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Multispindle Heads

Adjustable Multispindle Heads for Drilling Machines with 1, 2, 3 and 4 Spindle Outputs. Fixed Multispindle Heads for your Machining Centre.

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Broaching Profiles

Open Keyways on Lathes and Machining Centres with a wide range of tolerances: P6, P9, H7, JS9, D10, C11

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Open Square Profiles on your Lathe and Machining Centre. Go to Square Broaching Tools

Open Hexagon Profiles on your Lathe and Machining Centre.

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Open Spline Profiles on your Lathe and Machining Centre. Send your Profile Drawing for a Quote.

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